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I have been a fan of the band U2 since I was in elementary school. Their music holds the dignity of all people as the most important thing above all else in this world.

Keeping a sense of dignity can be difficult with Parkinson’s. As humans, our eyes catch those things out of the ordinary: the slow walk, the trembling hand, the walker being pushed along. Those glances and stares wound our sense of dignity, our sense that we are just as whole as anyone else.

Among their many great songs, U2’s “One” speaks to the dignity of every person no matter who they are or what their circumstances may be. My favorite lyrics from the song? “One life, but we’re not the same. We’ve got to carry each other.” That is how we capture our dignity — caring for each other.

The video below is from U2’s concert at Slane Castle in 2001 performing “One”. I hope you can take in the lyrics and feel the dignity that flows through them.

Be well…Jesse