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Quilt made and donated by D. Schmeich
Quilt made and donated by D. Schmeich

We get to meet a lot of courageous people when we attend a Parkinson’s conference. Once, when we were in Concord, NH, our board member, Maureen Nevers, was approached by a woman in a wheelchair that was steered by her son.

“These are so beautiful,” the woman cooed as she viewed our colorful display of quilts.

“Would you like to pick one out?” Maureen asked.

“Oh no, I couldn’t.”

Quilt made and donated by Gwen Gensler
Quilt made and donated by Gwen Gensler

We hear this response a lot. People are so awed by the color and beauty of the quilts we bring to these events, they are reluctant to admit they would enjoy owning one of these treasures. Maureen gently persisted.

“People make these quilts for people like you,” she said. “They would want you to have one.”

At that point, the woman’s son chimed in, encouraging his mother to choose a quilt. When Maureen laid the woman’s choice in her lap, she teared up as her fingers stroked the fabric. “Every time I look at this,” she said, “I will know someone cares.”

That’s what the Parkinson’s Comfort Project is all about, comfort and caring. We could use your help to keep the Project going. Here’s how you can pitch in:


  • Make and donate a quilt.
  • Invite our founder, Sonja Hakala, to speak to your guild, your Parkinson’s support group, your social service organization or your religious institution.
  • Ask for one of our kits and make a top.
  • Purchase a copy of Sonja Hakala’s book, Piecing for Parkinson’s. All proceeds from the sales of this book to to the Parkinson’s Comfort Project.
  • Support us financially by making a donation that supports finishing the tops made from our kits, supports mailing quilts to folks outside our immediate area, helps defray some of our travel costs when we attend conferences, supports our office supply costs (envelopes, paper, cards) and our software costs.

All of our board members are volunteers so our overhead is very low. Please make a donation today by sending a check to:

Parkinson’s Comfort Project
441 Pomfret Road
West Hartford, VT 05084

Thank you.

Providing handmade quilts to people with Parkinsons disease

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