Invite Us to Speak

erika-and-kevin-thorsull-quilt-by-bob-johnsonAre you a member of a group which focuses on the needs and concerns of Parkinson’s patients and their care? Our founder, Sonja Hakala, would love to visit and bring quilts for distribution.

Are you a member of a quilt guild or quilting group looking for programming? Sonja has spoken to a number of guilds about the Parkinson’s Comfort Project as well as her quilt books and novels, and she would enjoy visiting with your group.

Is your guild looking for a way to extend their community service? The Parkinson’s Comfort Project can lead your group in a Piecing for Parkinson’s Day or provide interested members with kits to make tops.

Are you a member of other civic or faith organizations?  Invite our founder, author Sonja Hakala, to visit your group and speak about the work of the Parkinson’s Comfort Project. Sonja is an accomplished public speaker and she brings a lively program of quilts and stories for your group as she spreads the word about the Parkinson’s Comfort Project.

To schedule a program, contact the Parkinson’s Comfort Project at

We would love to see you!

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Providing handmade quilts to people with Parkinsons disease

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