Quilt Specifications

The Parkinson’s Comfort Project distributes handmade lap quilts to people who are on the Parkinson’s journey. We specify lap quilts because bed-sized quilts are too heavy for people who are weakened by this neurological disease.

We aim for quilts that are light enough to move when necessary but large enough to provide warmth and comfort.

In general, quilts that are 36 to 40 inches wide by 60 to 70 inches long work best.

For a printable version of these Comfort Quilt Specifications, click here.
PCP-sizes postcard-front

The Parkinson’s Comfort Project asks that you fill out the Quilt donor form  so we may credit you and display your quilt to the public as soon as possible. Please feel free to label your quilt. Recipients love to know who made their treasure.

If you have any questions, please email us at: ParkinsonsComfort@gmail.com

You may send your quilt donations to us at:

Parkinson’s Comfort Project
441 Pomfret Road
West Hartford, VT 05084

Thank you!

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Providing handmade quilts to people with Parkinsons disease

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