Living Vows

As I mentioned in my last post (Why Run?), I am about to get married to the woman who has become the great blessing in my life. As we’ve prepared for our wedding, I have been reflecting on the vows we are about to make to each other and considering what it means for a lifetime.

The portion of our marriage ceremony where we are asked if we will take the other person “in sickness and in health” for as long as we shall live is perhaps most prescient to me. Why? Because I have seen this vow personified by the spouses who care for their wives and husbands with Parkinson’s. I have much to learn from you.

Who but a very small few of you could have known that the person you fell in love with would develop a condition which often robs so much? How do you navigate the innumerable challenges, frustrations and maddening moments? I am convinced it is due to the depth of the relationships which have had many years to nurture and build upon the solid foundations of friendship and love with which you entered your marriages.

I see it time and time again; a nearly boundless patience, loyalty and care for your loved ones. You, the spouses of the Parkinson’s community, personify the vow of taking each other “in sickness and in health.” Thank you for your example, your dedication and your care of your loved ones.

Be well…Jesse