Why Run?

As I have related in a past post or two, I have begun training for a half marathon which takes place this fall. My decision was a bit of a stretch considering I had never enjoyed running back when I was in high school. But attending a marathon last year got me thinking about trying something out of my comfort zone. So far I have be pleasantly surprised.

Why am I running now? It is both for myself and for others. Since I’m about to get married, I want to give my bride a healthier husband. There is a history of heart disease and cholesterol challenges in my family, so I want to literally outrun those issues as best as possible. I also run for those who can’t—everyone in the Parkinson’s community for whom the disease has robbed the ability to move about as they once have. I run for the memory of my grandparents who passed due to Parkinson’s. When I’m getting tired or cramped on a training run, their memory and doing something for a greater purpose keeps me going.

Why run at all when there are many other ways to exercise? Running certainly is a high impact activity—the knees, ankles and back can easily be injured not to mention safely navigating vehicle traffic. Yes, swimming is much better on the joints and gives a total workout, but the closes pool means getting in my car and paying for a membership. So I run. And run. And run some more.

Running has been meditative for me, especially as I navigate the pitfalls of planning a wedding and the challenges of the never ending to-do lists of life. Plus it gets me outside, a very rich bonus indeed!

I will keep you updated as my training continues and the date of the half marathon approaches. I hope some of you can make it this fall!

Be well…Jesse