Teaching Moments

Last week, two members of our Speaker Bureau sat as a panel for a question and answer session with a class of nursing students at Keene State College. Their professor, Carolynn Ernst, had given the students a primer just prior to our panel’s visit.

Going into the presentation, none of us was quite sure what to expect. I remembered back to my college days when there could be awkward silences or dead moments where no one wanted to ask anything and the moderator wasn’t sure where to take the discussion. Our experience in Professor Ernst’s class was the exact opposite: engaging, well spoken and eager to learn more.

Our panel was made up of a caregiver and a person with Parkinson’s. They were candid with their answers to the students’ questions, telling them exactly what their experience of the Parkinson’s journey is like and providing a perspective that is not always available in the classroom.

If you are interested in being a part of our Speaker Bureau or in hosting a panel, please contact us. The members of the bureau are eager to tell their stories and share their insights.

The more we get the word out about Parkinson’s, the less isolating we can make it and the more empowered everyone in the community can be in supporting caregivers and people with this disease. Every step is one of progress!

Be well…Jesse