Comfort Quilts & Comfort Pets

Pets are an amazing comfort to us humans. While they rely on us for their food and healthcare, they give us their love and presence of being. What pets give us are much like what the Comfort Quilts give to people with Parkinson’s.

“I’ll get into a comfortable chair, place the quilt over me, and immediately there is a cat on the quilt. So I have the comfort quilt and the comfort cat to keep me warm and comfort me.”


My parents have a dog and cat, both of whom love attention but who just as soon curl up with them on the couch or bed as receive their pat quota. Goldie and George’s companionship are integral parts of my parents’ lives just as pets for caregivers and people with Parkinson’s are.

This Saturday, April 5th, quilters have an opportunity to gather together and create beautiful Comfort Quilts which bring the warmth and presence of being which many people with Parkinson’s have been able to experience. The Piecing for Parkinson’s event will be taking place at Quail Hollow in West Lebanon and quilters of all talents are heartily invited!
Here’s to the comfort of pets and quilts, the warmth and love they provide and the peace of presence they bring.

“Each evening I have to wrestle the quilt from under the cat so I can wrap up and sit by the fire and rest after a hard day.”

Be well…Jesse