The Mighty Sweet Potato

I’m a bit of a sweet potato addict. I like to roast, grill and pan fry them. Fortunately, my addiction to sweet potatoes is a healthy one as they are considered one of the most nutritionally complete foods available.

Ironically, I didn’t really like sweet potatoes very much until the last couple of years. For whatever reason, I didn’t like having the sweetness mixing with the rest of my dinner (and this is coming from somebody with a sweet tooth!). But my fiancé encouraged me to try them again in different ways than I had before and voila, I’m an addict.

So why go on about this humble food? As I said earlier, it is considered one of the most nutritionally complete foods. It is also easy to prepare, you can be as simple or complex with it as you like. I’ll do everything from coating them with olive oil, a little salt and some rosemary before roasting or grilling them to making a sweet potato hash or burritos. Sweet potatoes also tend to be easier and gentler on our digestive systems, a boon for any Parkinsonian dealing with those challenges.

Our diets are so vital to our health and this becomes magnified when dealing with chronic conditions and illnesses. What kinds of foods have worked well for you?

Be well…Jesse