Simple, Clean Diets

My fiancé’s brother and sister-in-law decided to spend their Lent focusing on cooking all of their meals at home with simple ingredients and not going out to restaurants. Living in Boston with its plethora of restaurant options, this is a bit of a challenge for anyone with culinary curiosity. Instead, they are working their way through a book called More With Less which has simple recipes and thoughtful philosophy from the Mennonite culture and traditions. Ben and Heather are chronicling their experience on the blog Mennobytes.

Ben and Heather’s decision inspired Jessica and I to examine our own diet. We eat pretty healthy to begin with but we wanted to see where we could make improvements. Fortunately, we both enjoy cooking to begin with, so making homemade food is not a labor of burden. We decided to work with two cookbooks, Simply in Season and Clean Food, as well as continuing to use recipes from the magazine Eating Well.

What does this have to do with Parkinson’s? As we all know, our diets have a lot to do with our overall health. With a chronic condition like Parkinson’s this becomes even more important. Using fresh ingredients, or at least those minimally processed, allows the greatest amount of nutrients to nourish our bodies and minimizes our intake of toxins. We are blessed in Vermont and New Hampshire to have a wealth of farmer’s markets and access to locally raised produce and meat during the growing season. Planning and using menus from cookbooks like those mentioned here allow us to prepare simple, easy and very healthy meals to help in our battle with Parkinson’s.

We all do well when we are able to give our bodies the nutrients they need. If you haven’t already done so, talk to your treatment team about the best foods for your needs and then prepare them to your own tastes. The closer to the source you get the food, the cleaner and healthier it will be for your body!

Be (and eat!) well…Jesse