BU Exercise Study

BU Exercise Research Study
BU Exercise Research Study
We all know that exercise helps slow the progress of Parkinson’s Disease. Making the muscles move helps spur dopamine production and keeps the mind focused. But how and when to do it?

Some people prefer the group exercise environment where you are around other people at an exercise facility. Others prefer to go solo, having their own program and means of tracking it. For both, it can be a challenge to keep ourselves accountable to keep doing our program.

Researchers at Boston University are now seeking participants for a study examining whether mobile technology, in this case an iPod Mini, helps spur exercise versus paper instructions and tracking. This is another avenue in their effort to study the efficacy of technology in delivering treatment care closer to home and minimizing those tiring trips to see your treatment providers.

Whether or not you wish to participate, keep exercising and pushing back against Parkinson’s!

Be well…Jesse