The Parkinson’s Elephant

The Parkinson's Elephant by Adrienne LaBombard
The Parkinson’s Elephant by Adrienne LaBombard

Anyone who has seen my presentations at support groups and conferences have heard me refer to the Parkinson’s Elephant. No, this is not a new species discovered by wildlife biologists. It is the weight caregivers and people with Parkinson’s feel bearing down on them with the diagnosis and through the many challenges of the Parkinson’s journey.

I was having difficulty finding a photo which would help illustrate what I meant each time I spoke of this elephant. Then I spoke to my friend and artist Adrienne LaBombard and asked her what she thought. After exchanging ideas, I asked Adrienne if she would be willing to create an illustration. She leapt at the chance.

Adrienne believes in the healing and empowering nature of art in its myriad expressions. We are collaborating, along with a second artist, on creating workshops for caregivers and people with Parkinson’s to express themselves through art. We aren’t seeking Picasso or Van Gogh — we are seeking your own expression, your own voice in art!

Be well…Jesse