Fasting for PwP’s

Earlier this week, I wrote about how caregivers may take inspiration of the many fasting traditions in cultures and religions around the world. Instead of fasting from food, I encouraged caregivers to think of how they might fast from some of the emotional traps caregiving tries to ensnare everyone in.

Today, I propose some traps for people with Parkinson’s to work to fast from…
Frustration and tension with your caregiver
Frustration of your body’s slowness
Frustration with the pace of treatment development

As I related earlier this week, it is far easier to make these suggestions than to actually do them, much less all at once. Fasting from any one of these challenges does not happen overnight. BUT, by taking a moment to work on one each day, progress on the goal of the fast can be made.

I wish all of you success in contending with the challenges of fasting. Like your caregivers, don’t stop taking food as you fast — your body needs the energy and strength!

Be well…Jesse