Fasting for Caregivers

Many different cultures and faith traditions around the world observe times of fasting where little to no food is taken for a period of time. When fasting, special focus is directed upon ideologies of greatest importance to that faith or culture.

What if caregivers held a fast themselves; except this fast would not be from food, but from the negativity which tries to invade the caregiving experience? What would that fast look like?

Perhaps we would fast from…
Belittling our perceived lack of talent in caregiving
Anger at ourselves for shortcomings
The feelings of “Why me? Why my loved one?”

Of course, it is very easy to suggest fasting from such difficult emotions and much more challenging to do. Maybe you can start with a fast from one thing on the list until it becomes a matter of course before moving on to another.

What would you add to a fasting list? Do make sure you eat well — you need your strength!

Be well…Jesse