“The key to resiliency is self-empowerment and choice” –The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Resilience can be a tough thing to come by in the midst of experiencing Parkinson’s and its effects on everyone with the disease and those who care for them. The grief over losing the ability to do things you used to and taking on the added roles our loved ones had once taken care of can easily lead to feelings of despair and a sense of losing control.

But despite the many deep and very real challenges, you still have the ability to take control and empower yourselves. You empower yourself by learning all you can, asking questions and telling your story. Empowerment means taking control of making decisions based upon what you learn and the choices in front of you. Yes, you indeed are able to be resilient.

There are many paths to becoming and maintaining our resilience. The Parkinson’s Comfort Project works to support you in this quest. Every story you tell, every question you ask your doctor, every choice you make about treatment adds to your collective (caregiver & person with Parkinson’s) power over Parkinson’s and resilience in the face of its challenges.

Until a cure is found, Parkinson’s will make its march. The Parkinson’s community’s resilience in the face of that march is what makes such a tremendous difference in everyone’s life.

Be well…Jesse