Raising Awareness (pt. 1)

Red nose lorezParkinson’s Awareness Month is just around the corner! Here at the Parkinson’s Comfort Project we are working to develop a series of forums to raise awareness within the medical community in medical and nursing classes. With the prevalence of Parkinson’s rising, it is vitally important for these students to know about PD and how to work with caregivers and people with this condition.

If you are a caregiver or person with Parkinson’s, we invite you to be a part of the Parkinson’s Comfort Project speaker bureau. You could speak as often or seldom as you wish, either individually or as part of a panel. The Parkinson’s Comfort Project will provide support through rehearsal, coaching, speaking notes and any other resources to help you be as comfortable speaking to an audience as possible. Please contact us for assistance.

I understand public speaking may seem daunting; I still have butterflies before addressing group. But it is strengthening too. We grow stronger when we tell our story and we become more resilient. By speaking and telling your story, you get to push back more against Parkinson’s!

Later this week, I will talk more about raising awareness of Parkinson’s in Vermont and New Hampshire. Stay tuned!

Be well…Jesse