King & Hope

Martin Luther King, Jr.Today, America pauses to recognize Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his incalculable contribution to the civil rights movement to make this country more just and equitable.

What drove Dr. King? His faith in God for sure, but just as strong was his hope for a brighter day. The same burning hope that drove Dr. King through the trials of the civil rights movement drives all of us in the Parkinson’s community: the hope for better treatments to slow the disease’s progress and ultimately, the hope for a cure.

I have no doubts there were times Dr. King greatly despaired whether progress would be made, just as everyone with Parkinson’s and their loved ones despair about its toll. But today, let us replenish our well of hope with the inspiration of Martin Luther King, Jr. and continue dreaming of the day when we can beat Parkinson’s.

Be well…Jesse