Valuing Ourselves

Caregiving is often energy-intensive and exhausting; especially as our loved one’s condition progresses. The to-do list grows, tension with our loved one ebbs and flows, we grow tired and frustrated that we aren’t doing more. We look at other people and think “why don’t I have it together like they do?” Well here is the fact of the matter: You are doing the best you can; you are more than you give yourself credit for and you are indeed most valuable.

That last statement sounds easy to say from the sidelines; but it is true. The question is, how do we restore our own self-value? One avenue to consider is prayer. Prayer takes any number of forms from established religious methods to meditation to contemplation that doesn’t follow any particular group. All that is really needed for prayer is a little time, your mind, your heart and a belief in a holy presence whatever name you give it.

I start the new year with a prayer for caregivers. “O holy divine: give us rest to rejuvenate our bodies, love to strengthen our hearts, peace to soothe our frustrations, and fortitude to overcome the challenges caring for our loved ones. For in our challenges and triumphs you are there, loving us unconditionally; your love flowing through us into the world.”

Be well…Jesse