I’m not a dancer; never have been. For me, a “double left foot” would be a considerable improvement! But there I was on Monday, joining a group of people with Parkinson’s and their dance leader and moving my rather uncoordinated self along with them.

Before getting big ideas, dance classes for Parkinson’s are not about creating a multitude of Ginger Rogers’ or Mikhail Baryshnikov’s. Their goal is to keep everyone moving physically and mentally. The movements Marcia Murdock teaches to the participants in Keene not only engage the body but focus the mind to coordinate the body. Instructors like Marcia help people with Parkinson’s (and caregivers!) tackle two things at once: keeping the mind sharp with laser focus and the body tuned. It is an enriching experience!

After the class, my fiancé Jessica and I walked around Main Street in Keene, NH. We found it to be very pedestrian friendly; wide sidewalks and motorists who actually stop for the crosswalks! There is a wonderful variety of food, cafes and shops there. If you get the chance to spend some time in Keene, I heartily recommend it.

Let us all keep moving, keep thinking and keep engaging in the effort to outwit Parkinson’s!

Be well…Jesse