Last week I slipped on thin ice which had built up on the few steps from the back porch to my driveway and fell on my side. Thankfully I didn’t break any bones or hit my head, but the bruises still make their presence known. This experience has reminded me about the hazards of trips and falls people with Parkinson’s risk whenever they are walking about. I dearly hope such incidents result in nothing more severe than the deep bruises I sustained falling on the icy steps, but I know that is not always the case.

One balance training method presented at the World Parkinson Congress by the Parkinson Society of Canada uses the Nintendo Wii Fit’s ski jumping game. In order to have a successful jump, the player must keep two dots lined up for the jumper to have a good run down the ramp, a big take off and a successful landing. I watched one gentleman with PD hold on to a chair on either side of him to help balance while he did the jumps and he had some really good ones!

Caregivers can take part too, it is really a fun game and brings some great laughs when you don’t stick the landings. If you have a Wii Fit, or can access one elsewhere, give ski jumping a try; maybe it can help you!

Be well…Jesse

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