Having an impact

This past weekend, I had the privilege of giving a presentation to over 130 people with Parkinson’s, their caregivers and allies in Laconia, NH. The Parkinson’s Comfort Project also distributed comfort quilts to patients during the exhibitor time. The impact of the day was tremendous.

Opechee quilt 1One gentleman from Laconia was awestruck when his wife brought him to receive a quilt and being told quilters make these beautiful pieces to be given to Parkinson’s patients. “I have spent much of my time trying to help others in my community” he said, “I’ve never expected someone to make such a beautiful thing for me; especially someone who doesn’t know me.”

My presentation centered upon caregivers and patients retaking control over the disease by empowering themselves to be the leaders of their journey with Parkinson’s using their stories as the foundation of strength. One person with Parkinson’s and I had a conversation later about her own struggle to come to terms with this disease and how she has overcome its psychological impact.

These stories are just two examples from a day of meeting new friends, hearing powerful stories and receiving ideas for future presentations. I could not ask for a greater reception from the Parkinson’s community…Thank you!

Be well…Jesse

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