Visiting Brattleboro

Last night the Parkinson’s Comfort Project visited the Brattleboro (VT) Parkinson’s Support Group. We enjoyed both a lively discussion and great humor with a wonderful group of people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.

During my presentation to the group, I emphasized the need for patients and their caregivers to be the leaders of their treatment teams and offered some ideas on how to accomplish this. The power of telling one’s story in such a way that other people feel a desire to be a part of your experience was especially resonant as well as using the European Parkinson’s Disease Association’s Parkinson’s Well-Being Map (TM) as a journal and communication tool with members of the treatment team.

The best part of the evening in Brattleboro was when the group went around the room for everyone to update on how they were doing. Even with the challenges they face, every person with Parkinson’s in the room was positive and upbeat. Having such optimistic attitudes and mutual support running through the group was tremendously heartening and something which is sticking with me as I move through the rest of the week.

Many thanks to Tiea and her fellow support group members in Brattleboro for hosting the Parkinson’s Comfort Project; it was a wonderful experience!

Be well…Jesse

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