…smarter in Montréal (pt. 4)

The World Parkinson Congress for 2013 has concluded and Montréal has been a splendid host. If you haven’t been to this city, I heartily recommend it!

One of the most impressive things to come out of this conference has been the scientific community’s turn toward full integration of people with Parkinson’s, not just as test subjects but as partners in the search for a cure. The foundational need of a good quality of life living with Parkinson’s is becoming better acknowledged by researchers, something that is heartening and provides hope to patients.

The turn toward improving the quality in life while seeking a cure is a positive one, but all of us who are people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers need to continue advocating that our voice be heard in the midst of research, data collection and clinical trials. Working with treatment teams means giving direction for the care you the patient wish to receive and making sure your doctors are on the same page.

There is a lot for me to discern and learn from all the seminars and materials I have collected at the World Parkinson Congress and I will be sure to share what I learn with you.

In the meantime, stay strong and know there is a global community staring down Parkinson’s alongside us.

Be well…Jesse

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