…smarter in Montréal (pt. 2)

In the exhibition hall at the World Parkinson’s Congress there is a large section of posters presenting programs and research taking place around the world. Everything from treatment research to quality care investigations are presented by people dedicated to the Parkinson’s effort. I was surprised, and filled with hope, by the number of projects examining the needs of caregivers and alternative methods of delivering medical care.

One poster presented by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association is a method for communicating with the medical team by a Parkinson’s patient. It is called the Parkinson’s Well-Being Map (TM) and allows a patient to rate their symptoms prior to a appointment. It is simple to use and can either be printed out or used online.

The Parkinson’s Well-Being Map is a great tool for patients and I believe could be adapted for caregivers both in their own appointments as well as an additional perspective for the Parkinson patient’s medical team.

This is an example of the dedication around the world to supporting caregivers and people with Parkinson’s. There is hope here in Montréal. Together we can spread this hope to our corner of the globe in Vermont and New Hampshire!

Be well…Jesse

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